Random Cam Story:

The mood music playing softly on the stereo (maybe I'll 'send audio' tonight, too!); the light tilted just right so the glare won't bounce off the screen and get in my way of seeing you... of seeing me, and knowing that what I see you will see. Swapped out the chair for the more comfortable one, in case I need to lay back just a little... I'm ready. I move the mouse pointer to that familiar link... wait for the sub-window to load... click "allow" ... and there I am, now where are you?

Three friends show up on that tab... and neither one of them is broadcasting! Two show up on the view tab... could they be friends that aren't yet in my network? Alas, just another couple of "those" guys... fucking idiots... can't they read? I cover myself, and wait. Eventually "those" guys go away... that's right fools; drool over someone else's dick! Mine is reserved...

I try to be patient... just a matter of time. Where are you? I see a few familiar names on the index, not friends, but frequent exhibitionists, so why not... something to watch until you log in. (God, where do some of these women get the nerve to show off that nasty stuff they call "sexy" and "hot" and other such labels. I guess since they're really not selling it, they can't be held liable for false advertising.) Ah! There's a name I recognize from the blogs... nice, very nice; not one of my friends, but still nice. How does she get that red thing all the way up in there?!? Oh, and there's that one who seems to have a different stud every night. (Turn off your audio, lady... somehow talking about your grandmother's recipe for pasta sauce while this guy hides his sausage just kinda distracts from the show, know what I mean?) Hmmm... what's this? Two women! My God, the one looks like the other's daughter... you don't think that maybe... nah... could be?

Why is this stuff not getting me hard tonight? Where are you? Fifteen minutes... it's nearly half-past ten... I guess you won't be here tonight. Wait! Four friends now on the tab, and... YES! There you are! I see the cam icon next to your name on the index... highlight, click on "video"... There you are! So beautiful in that sexy nightgown... waving at me! We "Send Audio"... I expect our hands will become too busy to waste one each holding a phone tonight.

"Show me," I ask.

You slip your arms out of your nightgown straps and the silky garment falls to you waist... your tits are perfect, and I can see that your nipples are like spikes.

"Touch them."

I become jealous of your hands as I watch them glide smoothly over your flesh, pinching your nipples, cupping your breasts, squeezing them together... I am suddenly, achingly quite hard, but I'm reluctant to touch myself yet; I don't want to cum yet... I want to save that for when you cum.

"Show me more."

You raise your nightgown to your knees and your hands slip underneath the hemline, revealing just a slight glimpse of your perfect thighs. I see the white panties slide toward my view... then over your knees, then they're gone. You stand and pull your nightie up over your head... and you are naked... naked for my eyes only. You walk closer to your cam and your perfect pussy fills my view... I see your wetness; your fingers touching where I wish my fingers were touching. Then slowly, you slip a finger inside... all the way inside and you begin to move it in and out slowly.

"Your turn," you ask.

And I eagerly comply. I move my cam for a close-up for you while you sit down and readjust your cam. I move my window beside your window so that it looks like my cock is really that close to your pussy... each of wishing that it really was. My dick is throbbing in my grip... and it's hot... temperature hot, like a fever on my forehead. My pre-cum begins to leak as I watch you rub your clit with your thumb and penetrate your pussy with two fingers as fast as my hand pumps on my stiffness.

"I can't hold it much longer," I say.

"Neither can I."

I see you spasm, and I feel the tingling in my sac... I feel the surge of semen begin it's rush for release, and I stop pumping and just squeeze... as though it was your pussy squeezes instead... we hear each other's gasping breaths and then... we moan in unison. I can't stop the flow from me... it's shoots out like lava from a long dormant volcano... I see your stream... I hear your scream...

We chat awhile as we catch our breath; we talk about how nice it would be to be cuddling right now... how nice it would be to wake up like this in the morning... how nice it would be if we didn't need this modern technology to share ourselves with each other.

"Goodnight, Sweetness," you finally say and blow me a kiss.

"Goodnight My Darling Angel."

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